Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's Not All Bad

With the summer coming to a close and employers doing the most downsizing in six years, the job market does not seem to have a whole lot of hope right now. Even those looking towards retirement have just as big of problems to deal with. On top of that it does not help with the stock market crashing. Things are looking very down right now for our economy. So it is time to look forward to what the future may hold in Portland and how this affects our job market.

The unemployment rate in Portland however is exactly the same as the national average in the United States.So the labor cuts and the economic downturn did not appear to affect Portland worse than any company in general. In fact there are cities that have it worse than we do. And those looking towards retirement are doing more and more web surfing and social networking. This means that they are keeping up and surpassing generational trends that may have held them back. After the stock market crashed yesterday things rebounded and are headed in the right direction.

Life always seems to have a series of checks and balances that when one door closes another opens. So don't always feel that life is out to get you and keep you down in these tough times. Just keep pushing forward and look to the future.

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