Tuesday, October 7, 2008

National Customer Service Week October 4th-10th

This week starting October 4th through the 10th is National Customer Service Week. George Bush Sr. and the US Congress brought the international event to the US in 1992 to recognize the importance of customer service and to honor those on the front line of the service industry. For the last 16 years it has been recognized during this week. Take a look at the companies that recognize Customer Service Week.

This years slogan is definitely a good way to approach customer service: One Team One Goal. This is a totally simplified thought on coming together and working towards achieving one goal with customer service. Check out some of the activities you can do that are built around the theme One Team One Goal.

Check out a list of how you and your office can celebrate Customer Service week. These are fun filled activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine this week. These do not even have to just be this week, but can be viewed as good team building functions moving forward.

The Employment Guide and Wiser Worker are ready to celebrate this week. Also take a look at the Customer Service Week website, they definitely knew what colors to pick for their website. Take a look at the latest Customer Service Positions in Portland by clicking here.

To all of those in the Customer Service industry in Portland and the Northwest, we thank you for your hard work!

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