Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hewlett Packard, Temp Workers, And Gas Prices

Hewlett Packard is feeling the hurt as well at its Vancouver campus, with its profits slipping 2% to $2.1 billion in its fourth quarter fiscal. With Hewlett Packard's personal printing campus in downtown Vancouver, they have seen a decline in printer orders which could be bad news. With Imaging and Printing Group's revenue falling 1% to $7.5 billion and Printer unit shipments down 8%, this could mean job cuts at the Vancouver campus.

The temporary help industry is also feeling the hurt when they lost around 1,600 jobs in October and accounted for more than half of the 2,800 jobs lost in the professional and business sector. A sector that rarely has that much downturn in one months time. Temp jobs are usually the first to go in these instances due to companies tightening their budgets in critical times.

Even if gas prices are falling the amount of people expected to travel this Thanksgiving will be at a small decline for the first time since 2002. There is an expected decline of people traveling more than 50 miles from there home, roughly about 1.4% or 600,000 travelers less than last year at Thanksgiving. The slight decrease in people traveling this year could be due to the tough economy which is being felt by everyone.

So Portland tell us what you think about the current economic situation with Hewlett Packard and the temporary job market. Also, Portland if you are going anywhere for Turkey Day let us know in the comments below.

So for those of us at Employment Guide, Healthcareerweb, and Wiser Worker, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.