Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Job Fair Tips

With the Portland Job Fair only about two weeks away, I wanted to talk about some Job Fair tips that you can use in preparation for the upcoming event. In this article from about.com, it lists 10 job fair tips that you can use from targeting the most promising employers before hand to collecting business cards and following up with business after the event. These can be some helpful tips that can differentiate you from others that show up to the job fair, especially during this recession. You should also remember to dress for success and give yourself more confidence while showing some style and making a lasting first impression. If you came to an employer in causal street clothes, do you think they would hire you?

There are some things you should avoid doing at job fairs and here is a list that may seem comical but you would be surprised. At any job fair, if you exercise common sense you should not find yourself falling into any of these bad habits. Job Fairs are really all about putting your best foot forward and marketing yourself as the right candidate for the job. Sticking out of a crowd can be overwhelming, but following the tips can give a better shot.

So Portland, tell us what you think are good job fair tips that can be expanded from the websites above. You can also let us know what are some other tips you should avoid doing at job fairs. As always leave your comments in the section below.

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