Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oregon Unemployment News And Tips On How To Interview

In last weeks post I stated that Oregon might be number 1 in the nation for unemployment, but as it turns out Michigan has the unfortunate honor. However, we are still number 2 in the nation as of right now and not that far behind Michigan and the spring is not bringing the usual seasonal bounce back that is normally predicted at this time of year. These unsettling facts have caused people to resort unusual tactics just to find work. Just look at Nick Willard and what he is trying to do just to stand out from everyone else looking for work.

With all of this said it is critical for those who are job searching that they focus on the interview process especially since they can be tough to come by. It is also a good idea not to sell yourself short and just take any old job that comes by, which can lead to unhappiness or a series of short hops that could lead to career derailment. I know times are tough and things can be really stressful but if you concentrate your energy on things you can control, you might just find success. Take for example this article from yahoo finance about interviewing tips. It is a great collection of tips that are geared towards helping those who are job searching in a tough economic climate, but at the same time you can always use these tips moving forward. Here is another great tidbit that you can use on the hardest interview question of them all! I don't think there is anyone out there that likes the "what are your weaknesses?" question.

So Portland, in closing what are you doing about the increased unemployment? Are you being creative and thinking outside the box like Nick Willard or are you sticking to what you've always done? Also what are your tips for job hunting or the interview process. As always the Employment Guide is here to help. Please leave your comments below.

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Janelle said...

I recently moved to the area on a whim without much research. The good news is i have some money saved up and apartment/housing costs are down. The job outlook is the bad news. There seems to be many opportunities in the area as far as posted job openings go. however, i have yet to get a call back from any legit employers!