Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tweet My Jobs And Other Northwest News

I am sure we have all seen various stories on who is Twittering these days. Well now you can even have jobs Tweeted to you. Twitter is basically a social network site that allows you to leave messages about what you are doing or what's going on. So, TweetMyJobs is great way to have jobs sent to you fast and electronically. Basically all you have to do is sign up and select the job channel you want, and you will start receiving jobs via text messages or by twitter. It is just as simple if you are a recruiter. All they would have to do is sign up, post the job to any of the job channels with a link to the job and TweetMyJobs will take care of the rest. Alot of the jobs that are being tweeted are coming over from Indeed.com, which helps to build volume as this website steadily grows. Even, I have tried twittering myself, but I am not that interesting compared to others that have twittered before me.

Portland might be receiving some good news on Tuesday, with the announcement that we could be 1 of 8 states to receive an electric car plant from the company Think North America. The Norwegian company has been scouting places to build car plants that could employ up to 900 people when all is said and done. The U.S. is quickly overtaking Europe as an attractive market for building electric vehicles. This could potentially re-invent the U.S. auto industry and help bring back some of the manufacturing jobs that have gone abroad.

Also, Portland Community College is having a job fair on May 5th at their Cascade Campus in north Portland. There is said to be over 40 employers on hand from AAA Oregon/Idaho to Willamette Dental.

So Portland, let us know if you receiving jobs via TweetMyJobs in the comments sections below. Let us know if they work out or if they are waste of time. Also, if you can not make the PCC job fair, remember that the Employment Guide is having theirs on June 4th at the downtown Hilton.

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