Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So We Should Expect The Economy To Grow By The End Of 2009?

Well according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, we should start pulling out of the recession and start growing by the end of the year. This is excellent news if his prediction is right and we all know Oregon could use some good news! Though the growth may not start up again until the end of the year, it is just nice to hear some good news and not bad for a change. It will still take time to come back to strength once the recession is over and people should be patient and understand that even though it is difficult. Oregon received some good news that supports what Bernanke stated in that it is recovering but still three to six months away from righting the ship. There is a possibility of growth in the second half of the year, but it all hinges on the drop in the housing market. Just hang in there and good things will happen.

On a sad note, the Portland Lumberjax will no longer call Portland home after this season. This just goes to show you that the recession is still here for the time being when you have corporate sponsors in Portland not willing to spend money. This effects several people in that there are jobs lost in the front office all the way down to the concession stands and ushers. Hopefully the MLS will do better here.

Other big news in the Northwest is that Microsoft is having more layoffs. This is apart of the first major layoff in the companies history, which is troubling for those who live in the Seattle area.

Also, be aware of a new "WebHosting" scam that is going around when you are checking your emails. Many of you that are job hunting know that your email account can be very useful so make sure to open only email that you are expect from someone.

So Portland, with the summer months fast approaching and nicer weather just around the corner, here are some job hunting tips that you can use while on vacation. Also remember that the Employment Guide is having another job fair on June 4th. Please leave your comments below.

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