Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MLS Coming To Portland And Other Northwest News

In the last week, Portland received great news that it was going to land a new MLS expansion team. In 2011 the Portland Timbers will officially become Portland's second major sports franchise. The is great news for those who like sports and those who are looking to work in sports. Bringing a professional sports team to PGE Park will only increase the need for employment with concession stands and box office help. With the Timber's at PGE Park, the Portland Beaver's needed a new home and one of the deal makers on bringing the MLS to Portland was building a new stadium for the Beavers. This will also help with the unemployment issues with bringing in a construction crew to design and build a new stadium. It was also draw more businesses to the Rose Quarter area, which does not have nearly as many places to eat or drink like PGE Park.

In other good news, the FedEx Ground Plant near Troutdale is ahead of schedule in its developement which plans on being a hub for employment, commerical activity, and other spinoff developments. Being that it is the largest construction project in Multnomah County, it will provide lots of local jobs for local people. Also, C.E. John Co. Is ready to open their new riverfront office on the Columbia River. The building will only have one occupant and is looking for up to three more. This could be an ideal location for those looking to expand their business or start a new one. Even the Oregon Zoo is looking to hire for the summer. Those jobs maybe part time, but there are opportunities out there, even when times are tough.

With Seattle PI going web only last week, the Oregonian is gearing up for tough times. They are amidst an expense-reduction plan that will include pay cuts, furloughs, and lay offs for part time employees. This maybe a tough time to break into the journalism business with so many newspapers facing crisis. Even Intel, which is Oregon's largest employer is going through a challenging situation. They are trying to propose letting their employees trade their worthless stocks for fewer options at a lower price. If the shareholders approve, the company hopes to restore options incentive value at a time when it is freezing pay across the board, cutting jobs, and trimming other perks.

Want to see how Oregon spends federal stimulus dollars? Check this website out.

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