Tuesday, June 16, 2009

15 Most Popular Job Sites And 10 Big Companies That Continue To Thrive

I came across an article on Forbes.com about the best ways to find jobs online. In the article it talks about how the online job sites have leveled the playing field for people searching for work and employers trying to hire. They also mention how unique visitor traffic has increased on many sites nearly 50% in a years time due to the recession. The part of the article that grabbed my attention the most was Forbes list of the 15 most popular job boards. It was great to see that The Employment Guide made the list at number 15! Some of our partners also made the list like, About.com at number 8, Job.com at number 7, Indeed.com at number 5, and SimplyHired.com at number 4.

Another article that I came across was about 10 big companies that have not quit on the US. This is great article that shows that not everything is going wrong with the manufacturing industry in the US. It is a great slideshow outlining each of the 10 companies and what their status is like during the recession. Here is another great article on the myth of the US industry demise. It focuses on the myth that all the manufacturing jobs have been outsourced to other countries. That is the furthest thing from the truth! The United States is still the biggest manufacturer in the world. Our numbers may have dipped due to the recession but we still produce the most factory goods in the world.

So Portland, what are your favorite jobs boards to use? Do you agree with the list on Forbes? Also, has anyone tried applying or received a job from any of the 10 companies that were listed? If so, give us a little more feed back on what the manufacturing industry is like right now.


Ray said...

KTAU in Portland has a job board powered by Realmatch -


Brandon Schrader said...

Thanks Ray! That's a good place to look.

Jim Goins said...

For the DC area http://www.jobsindc.net is awesome! many good available jobs for those willing to work in the DC area!