Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Amidst All The Bad News, Some Good News Is Needed!

Yesterday was a bad day for the stock market and today has not been any better, and many of us are still in the same situation that does not seem to be getting any better any faster. This is truly a scary time for a lot of people, and not just in Oregon. People are saving were they can and not trying to buy extravagant things. Take for example, Monaco the RV maker. They have had great success as one of the areas major employers. Now they are struggling to stay in business and had to let 2000 employees go. If the market is drying up for auto industry, RV's are definitely included in that discussion.

However, the job market and the economy are not suffering across the board and have some hope moving forward. Starbucks just announce that it would not be making anymore job cuts for the time being. They have also revamped their product by changing up the menu and now offering instant coffee. It is coffee on the go for under a dollar per serving which is nice because Starbucks can be a bit pricey. Another success story comes from Bend Factory Stores in Bend, Oregon. The outlet mall that caters to tourists and locals alike, has been fairly successful during the recession. Their 2008 sales were flat compared with 2007 sales. That is really good for retail with today's market being the way it is. In other news, a small Vancouver based website called Dotster Inc. bought two new web companies and sold a part of its own as a part of a new strategic focus on serving businesses. With the market for domain registering being so competitive, Dotster has decided to expand by offering entry-level rates for business web site design and associated business and marketing services.

All in all, there are jobs out there and they might not be plentiful or in a field of interest, but they do exist. So Portland, let us know about some success stories in today's market. And as always The Employment Guide is here to help. Feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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