Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking A Job - Almost Any Job

In today's job market it seems that the companies that are offering jobs, job seekers are not finding matches. A lot of people are settling for positions that they are over qualified for, just because the supply of jobs just is not there. According to Rebecca Morrison-Stoney, the CEO and President of Portland-based Advantage Staffing, "What we have is a lot of mismatches, with people working in the lower wage jobs just because they’re willing." “It’s a disaster. It’s bad for American industry. It’s bad for employees. It’s a lose-lose all around." That speaks volumes for were we are at with today's job market. Staffing agencies typically serve as the bellweathers for the economy and this is the situation we are faced with today.

However, for those not willing to settle on finding work through staffing agencies or first thing that comes around, there are other options. Take for example, this list from the magazine Fast Company. These companies might not be hiring up front, but this is great list on how to incorporate their products into recruiting needs, therefore generating more work. Here in the Portland area, KeyBank announced that they are starting construction on a Columbia Tech Center branch that will be open by 2010. It is a part of a three-year expanison that could bring up to 20 new offices to the area. This is great news for those looking to get into the banking business. Another example would be Kroger, who owns Fred Meyer. Kroger posted a fourth quarter profit for 2008, which could very well mean that they are hiring and not cutting jobs.

With the job market the way it is, and with new people looking for work in high volumes. A lot of people have started going back to school. Here in the Portland area, the enrollment at Portland State University jumped up 5.5% this year. That is double the amount from last year and Portland Community College is up 10.5%. This shows that not everyone is settling for work and trying to gain an edge on those searching for jobs.

So in closing Portland, what are you doing in hopes to find work? Are you taking the first thing that comes your way or are you holding out for something that you want? Is going back to school the best option right? We here at the Employment Guide are on your side and want to help! Let us know what is on your mind in the comments below.

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