Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is The Recession Over? And The 10 Best Cities To Earn A Living

A bit of news was released today by Ben Bernanke that I think everyone will be happy with. According to the Federal Reserve Chairman, the recession is "very likely" over. However, the economy might be growing now but, it probably won't speed up the recovery of the unemployment rate which is at a 26 year high.

So now that the recession has "officially" ended, here is a list according to Forbes of the top cities to make a living. Of the top 10 cities to earn a living only one is in the Northwest. Three of the top 10 are in the state of Texas.

7. Seattle, Wash.

Number of Forbes’ Best Big Companies: 0

Number of Forbes’ Best Small Companies: 1

Median Income: 32,836

ACCRA Cost of Living Index # (100 Median): 123.8

Five-Year forecasted Annual Job Growth: 1.09%

So Portland, what are your thoughts about the recession "very likely" being over? I for one am very happy about the news. Also, what are your thoughts about the cities that are listed as the best places to earn a living? Does it surprise you that Portland is not listed? Please list your comments below.

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